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2007 KarMel Scholarship Submissions
Come read a few of the submissions we received from this year's scholarship!  
- Karen and Melody
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Don't Look at Me Different
Jonathan Moore
My dad suddenly asked me one night if I was gay and
I answered yes.
Different Angles
Megan Stubblefield
Poem addressing the fact that the inverted pink and
black triangles now worn in homosexual rights
cirlces were originally used by nazis, as way of
labeling homosexual people, respective to their
gender, in the concentration camps.
It's Just a Name
Kaitlin Bookbinder
GLBT pride
Autobiographical poem describing a woman's
journey from early childhood to finally coming into
her own as a bisexual adult.
Miss Matched
This poem describes the thin line between lover and
Amber-Marie Bengco
A poem contrasting the narrator (a tomboyish sort of
lesbian) to a pretty "straight" girl.
A Dream in the Night
Bobby Hough
Exploring a male-to-female transition and what goes
on inside her head, beginning wiht a symbolic
mensturation on the bedsheets.
Just the Way She Was
Sabrina Diz
A poem describing the troubles of gay youth
Love in the US
Erica Goldman
This poem discusses the issues of defined
marriage, religion and acceptance.
I Will Not Change Who I Am
Joeseph  Bernier
Poem Lesbian Coming Out
Ruby Red
Short slam poem reinforcing the possibility of equality
if only people would put their own fears aside.
In the Closet
A dramatic reading for my English class finally letting
the aggravatoin and frustration caused by the
ignorance of so many throughout those 4 years.
My Battle
Poem about my struggle with my bisexuality.
Deep Forest
Luke Miller
This is a poem about how being in the closet is
basically like acting as a character that's not truly you.
Sweet Surrender
Angel-Marie Cloukey
Poem about lesbian relationships and how it's not
about gender its about the heart.
To Become a Man
Ashley (Noah) Schmidt
Sestina poem about living with the often sexist
expectations of being a woman, but knowing that you
were born as a man and not sure what to do.
Created By
Anonymous Testing
Sharon Ulery
A young man goes with a friend to get tested for HIV
at a free clinic after having unprotected sex with his
The Lamb
Abigal Southworth
Story of a woman returning to see her previous
partner one last time, reflecting on how she got
where she is now.  A short story told in narrative form,
meant to be poetic an suspenseful, with a surprise
The Irony of it All
Ashley Woods
This is a truly sad story about two star crossed lovers
who meet their fate.  It is not meant to be a
depressing story.  However, it is meant to show a few
of the things most of us GLBT people must go
through in order to be in love.
Mixed Marriages
Amy Andre
I traveled around the US, interviewing women in
mixed-orientation relationships -- that is, where one of
the women is bisexual and the other woman is a
Gay's Rights
A view from both sides of the gay issue in America.
Sacred Prejudice
Benjamin Yde
An exploration of homosexuality in connection with
Christianity with a specific concentration on the Old
Nicole Tallon
Unique Items:
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IMPORTANT:  We were NOT able to showcase
all the outstanding works we received this year
due to the overwhelming 800 submissions from 500 applicants.
We selected a good representation of the works we received,
for everyone to enjoy reading.  - Karen and Melody
Seperate but Equal
A persuasive essay about the unconstitutionality of
disallowing the marriage of gay couples.
Homophobia and Heterosexism in Black
Communities:  A Critical Look at Black
Masculinities and Sexualities
Louis Graham
Critical look at homophobia and heterosexism
embedded in black masculinities and sexulaties.
Danielle Anthony
Talk About It
Ralph Yamall-Rodland
Speech designed to be presented to the national
HRC audience during their 2006 National Coming
Out Day Celebration.
Emasculation through the War on the Terror
Jennifer Jackson
An essay examining the negative influence of the war
on terror on gay marriage.
Shawnda Coastes
Explorative essay about interaction of spirituality an
sexulatiy restricted to one belief.
Decoding the Gender Binary
An editorial about the gender binary and a
transgender student at SU.
Marielle Messing
Proposed Amendment 28
Angela Lanctot
Argument for gay marriage and the proposed
Amendment 28.
Personal Stories
Created By
Letter to Ma
Elizabeth Bond
A letter to my mom explaining my unique sexuality
and my distaste of the definition of what a woman is
in today's society.
True narrative account of lesbian artificial
insemination process.
My Rollercoaster Life
Brief description from hetero to bi, bi to lesbian,
lesbian to wife of a transman, which brings me back
to hetero.
A Red Crimson Gift of LIfe
An account of my first experience in donating blood
with the American Red Cross.  It was not only a
service to others, but also the realization that I want to
become a leader in homosexual rights.
You're Relationship is Not Recognized
Conversation with Financial Aid and Denial of
My Wedding
Joseph Shore
The actual ceremony for my wedding to happen on
April 11th this year.
Immoral Highground
A soon-to-be ex-friend tells me that my mothers
lifestyle is "unholy" and "immoral" and I tell him
exactly what I think about his bullshit opinions.
Lucas Strelow
Memoirs of Johanna
Rachen Jensen
I Never Told Dad
Mark Malan
A story of my father's death and how it set me free.
Why It Gotta be Gay
Dale Madison
A prose i wrote after the breakup with a love who did
not understand the importance of living outside the
Maple and Acacia
A lesbian's view of the world and sexuality as realized
through the mode of poetry and trees as an extended
by Amanda Arcand
by Amanda Arcand
"Faces of Rejection,
Disgust, Hatred &
by Anonymous
by Aara Edwards
by Alyssa Callahan
"Gay Pride '07"
by Angeline
by Anonymous
"Mirror Image"
by Ashley
"The Wedding
by Amanda Steele
"Pride in the Name of
by Christina Kolt
"Pride, Love and
by Anonymous
"All is Out in Love
and War"
by Anthony
"The 'Pride'est day of
My life"
by Shantelle Kaaialii
"Hidden Identity"
by Betsy Hall
"In Our Hands"
by Robert Barber
"A Promise"
by Joseph Bawer
"A Simple Lack of
by Caitlin Carter
"I Think I'm
by Megan Covey
"Self Portrait"
by Christopher
"We Could Be
by Christy Landrum
"Pant's & Skirts"
by Anonymous
"Wedding Kiss"   
by Krystee Decker
"Maybe Forever"
by Eva Alcazar
"Black or White"
by Elini Kanakis
by Elini Kanakis
by Evan Purcell
"Both of Me"
by Emily Sander
"Love Knows No
by Felicia Cooper
"Excess Wealth"
by Sarah Kolker
"Wear Your
by Dale Fetting
"Who I Am"
by Ema Gould
"The Persistence
of Woman"
by Rachel Hsiung
by Jan Maxfield
"Love Conquers
All"  by Lucille
"Love = Love"
by Lily Lovelady
"One Day"
by Michael Lord
"Duality of One's
by Lindsey Tillman
"I and Thou"
by Michelle
"One and the Same"
by Monica Hernandez
by Melissa Kows
"Girl+Girl = Love"
by Michelle
by Melissa Molles
"Take Me As I Am"
by Maylone
"True Self"
by Erica Nicholas
by Sarah Oboda
by Anonymous
"In the Closet"
by Anna Rosenfeld
by Rheaghan
by Emily Roberson
"Freedom of Being,
Freedom of Love"
by Anonymous
"New Hope"
by Stephanie
"Flowers for Her"
by Abigal
"No Reason to Hide"
by Anonymous
by Shawna Dinger
by Nicole Siffrinn
"Sea Dancers"
by Patrick O'Brien
"Torn in Between"
by Maylone
"Hold My Hand"
by Laura Speir
"Summer Girls"
by Sarah Sellars
"Love is Not a Sin"
by Monica Tan
"Kelly and I"
by Elizabeth Watt
by Tiffany Fisher
"Pride of Ookami"
by Leah Schwarts
"Our Embrace"
by Rheaghan
"Isn't It Lovely"
by Abigal
by Elisia Ware
"Live, Love, Learn,
by Samantha Thurston
"Smiles, Glasses and
by Daniel Valmas
"Gay Pride Parade
by  Christopher
"1st Dance with my
Transgender Partner"
by Kryslee Decker
"Love Knows No
by Felicia Cooper
"Question Everything"
by Marisha
"I Dream of Love"
by Anonymous
by Michaela Wandke
"It's About Love, Good
night to your Straight
by Nicholas Pfost
"Face of My High
School Coming Out"
by Cameron Robinson
"Wearable Pride"
by Sarah Williams
"Dreams and Desires"
by Christopher Wilson
"Love is a Truth
Ensured by Human
by  Yaznin Lizarruga
Intended to humanize the issue of gay marriage by
telling the story of Christine Dreyer who loses her
partner of many years an isn't allowed to visit her in
her last moments alive.
In on the Inside
James McGlothlin
The story of how I have been able to come out to
everyone but myself and my acceptance of who I
really am.
Ride to Reality
Shaun Burdette
Learning about the legal difficulties of raising children
as gay parents.
The Struggle Between my Sexuality and
Jeremy Cantwell
A personal story describing the coming to terms with
my sexuality and faith through experiences of life.
Fights that Need Fighting
Jhoana Chan
Essay concerning my personal struggles with
My 7 Weeks in the Chapel of Love
Shams Cohen
An article about the nearly 70 couples whose
weddings I performed in 2004 when same-sex
marraige was briefly legal.
I Wish I Could Write a Song that gives
People Chills
Julie Kunz
Various short letters written to important people in my
life.  It explains that I am still me even after coming
out as a bisexual women in a homosexual
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Non-fiction essay/features article on the Tunnel of
Our Veils
Many people will label this a 'coming out story.'   
However, it is much more than that; it is the hardest
struggle and deepest moment.
On Being Read and Other Tribulations
SG Reichen
A brief, non-fictional narrative exploring gender and
the complex nature of perception from a Jewish
Lauren Le Page
Directions Change
Megan Siler
Story of how I met my first girlfirend and how it change
my life.
A Love Story
Cheri Six
Short story of Cheri and Michelle
Thinking Outside the Heart Shaped Box
Naomi Suskind
Personal story about how I came to terms with my
homosexuality, and how my college experience will
help preserve my identity.
Short story about the discovery of myself as a
bisexual woman, and the social and political climate I
was living in during my journey.
Becoming Healthy and Happy
Miranda Pearson
Short essay detailing homosexual teenager's
mindsets, and how I overcame my own troubles.
When Your Pain Kills Me
Tiffany Timmerman
Have you ever felt the pain of others?  What about the
pain of the one you love?  The speaker (me) has felt
the pain of her love even though they are thousands
of miles apart.
Last Night
Erin Upchurch
Interpretation of a night spent with my lover.
The Sinner
Diamante Waters
Satrical Poem Religion
I Am Man
David Wreck
Poem about my pride in being bisexual.
"Him or Her"
by Lindsey Baker