KarMel Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2006 Winners!
Best Artistic
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2006 Runner-Up & Special Awards
Due to the outstanding quality of the submissions we received , additional awards were presented. 
Let's congratulate these winners as well! 
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"The Game"
Jennifer Stocki - PA
Melody's Favorite ($75)
Karen's Favorite ($75)
Runner Up - Written ($100 each)
Runner Up - Artistic ($100 each)
"Alternative Families and Lifestyles: A Study of Gay-friendly Books for Children" (Essay)
Tiffany Davidson - MI
A detailed study of gay friendly children's books, outlining a need for gay role models for children and young adults and also the addition of LGBT diversity in children's books. 
This study examines fictional anthologies, non-fictional anthologies, picture books, and young adult novels.
"The Raising"
(Drawing - Pride)
Sarah Stephenson - MN
(Drawing - Gender Identity)
Teresa Brazen - GA
"Matching Shoes"
"The Closet Struggle"
Heidi Patterson - UT
Last Updated August 28, 2006
(Transgender Fictional Story + Drawing)
Vanessa Wirth - IN

"The Rainbow Ribbon"
(styrofoam gay pride)
Hailey Courtney - IN
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"Letter to My Son"
(Personal letter from gay mother to son)
Lisa Nagel - NY
Special Judges' Award ($100)
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Do not use or reproduce anything without permission from the KarMel Scholarship.
My letter to my son, Ethan, about my journey with his other Mom as a lesbian couple and all of the trials and tribulations of life as a lesbian couple with a child.  Also my hopes and fears for him as he grows up with two moms.

An excerpt:
"My Dearest Ethan,
     There are so many things that I would like to say to you, wich I could say to you, and that I cannot say to you.  I will begin by saying, however, that I love you with all of my heart.  You will never understand how much you saved my life.
        Our main goal as a couple and mine, personally was you.  We decided to have a child together.  We discussed every aspect of our decision to have you.  We talked about how our lives would change, if our family and friends wuld be supportive, if we could do it and still accompish our other goals, and most importantly... how life would be for you.  After months of discussion, and a year of financial preparation, we decided that it was time.  I got pregnant with you in August of 2005. ....."
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Best Written Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work ($300)
2006 Honorable Mention Awards
This year we decided to award honorable mention awards by media and subject.  We wanted to showcase the best of the best!
"Love Songs" (Poem)
Carissa Secord - CA
A poem discussing love and the country's reaction to gay love.
"On Mother's Day"
(Greeting Card for Gay Moms)
Josh Smith - CA
Most Unique Idea ($50):
"Telapo" by  Danielle Hennis - NC
Best Sensual ($50):
"Lesbian Love" by Samantha Drake - TX
Best From Family/Friend of Gay Person ($50):
"Be Not Afraid" by Carla Rilling - NC
Best Bi-Sexual ($50):
"Torn" by Lesley Castillo - MI
"A Tribute to Bisexual Love" by Johnny Hunt - VA
Best Transgender ($50):
"Evolution 4.2" and "Pieces" by Ethan Bach - NM
Best Coming Out ($50):
"The Talk" and "Who I Am"  by Caroline Kinsey - PA
Best Gay Pride ($50):
"Everlast" by Tawal Panyacosit Jr - CA
Best Gay Marriage($50):
"Wedding Promise" by Lisa Dansberger - FL
Best Comic ($50):
"Venus Envy" by Erin Lindsey - WA (Coming Soon!)
Best Song ($50):
"Drop" by  Nicole Halsey - NY
"Fly Away" by Anonymous
Best Play ($50):
"School Assembly" by April Gibbons - TX
Best Drawing ($50):
"First Comes Love..." by Kaylee Frick - NV
"Emily & Kate" by Jessica Lewis - NY
Best Photo ($50):
"Taboo Love" by Jesse Strot - MN
"Wedding Day" by Vivian Hsu - CA
Best Essay($50):
"Categories of Gender & Sexuality: Explornig the Relationship between Language and the Formation of Non-Heteronormative Identities" by Shannon Ten Broeck - CA
Best Fictional Story ($50):
"Return to Me" by Gretchen Riehm -MN
Best Poem ($50):
"Dear Lord" by La Toya White - TX
"A Place and Time" by Noah Schnaubelt - OR
A "Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender" Themed Scholarship
By Media
By Subject
2005 Winners
"We were truly amazed at the quality and creativity put forth by all the applicants this year. 
We received more than 1,300 submissions from 700 applicants, and awarded a total of $2,800. 
Come view the wonderful submissions we received!  Enjoy!"  -
Karen and Melody (August 21, 2006)
Comments, feedback or questions?  Please email us at: infokarmel@karenandmelody.com
A Few of the 2006 SUBMISSIONS
Due to time constraints,
this year we were not able to put up other 2006 submissions that we received. 

We may come back later in the year to update this section.

Instead come and view the past winners.
2007 KarMel Scholarship Information
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Song about the confines of society and a love you cannot have anyway.

An excerpt:
" I look away for fear of perception
   They look at me and sense my truth
   One breath taken in awe of you.
   And I'm open to raillery.
   No secret could ever give more fear of tension
   No mockery would give this kind of tortured youth
   But one trip, one slip of sure-foot hooves
   Can finally give me space to breathe
    When can I wash away this deception?
    When can my honest self shine through-
    With no fear of condemnation
   For only being me.

   (cont) "

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"Reflective Identity"
(Mirror - Gender Identity)
Kristina Gill - VA
"A True Story" (story)
"Self Portrait"
Jordan Pennock - CA
"Undeniably True"
"THe Essence of Love"
"American Dream"
Jessica Jarman - FL
A budding transgender discovers a deeper self at an early hour in the morning.  Illustration included for the story.  Watercolor and Ink.
A True Story

"I was only doing the usual..I was only being myself.  To do otherwise would be hard;  growing up deep in a redwood forest away from television, billboard advertisements, and contsnta mobs of diverse people".....
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