KarMel Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2007 Winners!
Best Artistic
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2007 Runner-Up & Special Awards
Due to the outstanding quality of the submissions we received , additional awards were presented. 
Let's congratulate these winners as well! 
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(Piano Piece)
Jeremy Vaughan - VA
Melody's Favorite ($75)
Karen's Favorite ($75)
Runner Up - Written ($100 each)
Runner Up - Artistic ($100 each)
"A Letter to Terry"
(Letter to Gay Friend)
Lizet Mendoza - CA

A letter to a best friend, describing the hardships she encounted as a lesbian at 16 years.
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"Best Thing I Ever Did" 
"Danny's Announcement"

(podcast and poem)
Meredith Matthews - PA
Last Updated July 28, 2007
"Feed Me"
(Pottery Cup)
Eyvie H. - Ontario, Canada

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"Seed of Love"
(Gay Pride decorated egg)
Alikina Iubhar - AR

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"Bodies Lie"
(Female-to-Male Personal Story)
Nickolas McDaniel - CA
Special Judges' Award ($100)
All works on this website belong solely to the authors and artists who created them. 
Do not use or reproduce anything without permission from the KarMel Scholarship.
Memoir of emotional and physical transition from female to male from first realization (age 2) through SRS.

An excerpt:
"How human beings see the past has a lot to do with the lens through which each individual views it.  I see mine through a prism;  each face belongs to an identity that bends my perspective.  I've worn many different lables in my lifetime: victim and survivor, daughter and son, a drop out and student, mental health paitent and advocate.  I am multifaceted.  These identities color my memories, how I see and interpret the world an ultimately myself.

I am a gendered, classed, and raced body.  Each of these identities changes how I relate to others and my ability to move through the space I occupy in my corner of the world;  however, for the vast majority of my life the body I inhabit has told a heinous lie about my gender.  Over the last five years I have spent well over $200,000 to correct the anatomical incongruence I was born with. 
I am a transexual."     
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Best Written
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2007 Honorable Mention Awards
This year we decided to award honorable mention awards by media and subject.  We wanted to showcase the best of the best!
"Breaking Gender Dimorphism"
(Transgender/Third Gender Essay)
Kyla Bender Baird - OR

A paper exploring the possibilites of third genders in the United States.  Also it examines transgenders, transexuals, intersexuals, and gender blenders as possible subjects for this third category.
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Most Unique Idea ($50):
"Am I A Lady Now" by  Ashleigh Wilkinson - VA
Best Sensual ($50):
"The Beginning" by Emily Sander - CA
Best From Family/Friend of Gay Person ($50):
"Do They Know" by  Sala Sataraka - HI
"My Personal Story" by Ashley Henderson - IA
Best Bi-Sexual ($50):
"On Making Metaphors" by Katherine Gormeley - ME

Best Transgender ($50):
"Nate, Meet Natalie" by Jennifer Elias - MI
Best Gay Pride ($50):
"Acceptance" by Shavonne Bell - NY
"Please Mom, Come Fight It with Me" by Courtney Krimmel - MD
Best Gay Marriage($50):
"Bumper Sticker" by Jessica Hellmer - TN
"Wedding Band" by Jeannette Eagen - CA
Best Comic ($50):
"There's Love for Everyone" by Andy Liang - CA
Best Song ($50):
"Burn" by Dale Fetting - FL
Best Play ($50):
"I Symbolize" by Nicole Scuderi - NV
Best Drawing ($50):
"He Loves Me" by Asa Benally
Best Photo ($50):
"Love of Adoption" by Nicole Sicignano - CT
Best Essay($50):
"For the Love of a Child" by Thomas Kress - IL
Best Fictional Story ($50):
"Echoes of Emotion" by Jeffrey Williams - NY
Best Poem ($50):
"Finally Naked" by Frederick Grier - IL
"Paddling Backwards" by Maisha Foster-O'Neal - OR
A "Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender" Themed Scholarship
By Media
By Subject
2005 Winners
"We were truly amazed at the quality and creativity put forth by all the applicants this year. 
We received more than 800 submissions from 500 applicants, and awarded a total of $2,550. 
Come view the wonderful submissions we received!  Enjoy!"  -
Karen and Melody (July 28, 2007)
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A Few of the 2007 SUBMISSIONS
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Piano piece which describes the struggles of coming out.

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Best Editorial ($50):
"New Bathroom Necessary" by Mandi Rice - MO
"Danny's Announcement"

"This is a poem I wrote about 2 years ago, describing the experience of a submissive butch boi.  It's based on a persona I toyed with when I first started coming out as a leather dyke"

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"Best Thing I Ever Did"

"This is a podcast story, relating my coming out, and a couple of the lessons I learned along the way.

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Note:  This year we did not reward any runner-up for the Artistic category
due to there being co-winners for the Artistic Category this year.
NOTE: This was the first year we had co-winners for the Artistic Category. 
Both submissions were equally superb. 
Both were awarded $400 each.
"Another Little Hole"
(Music Video)
Kathryn Clayton - CT
Music Video of a gay family and
the struggle of losing a family member.

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