KarMel Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2005 Winners!
Best Artistic
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2005 Runner-Up & Special Awards
Due to the outstanding quality of the submissions we received , additional awards were presented. 
Let's congratulate these winners as well! 
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"Tolerant Woman"
Tamar Dachoach - FL
Melody's Favorite ($75)
Karen's Favorite ($75)
Runner Up - Written ($100 each)
Runner Up - Artistic ($100 each)
"Gray in Between" (Article)
Steven Cardwell - WA
An article on the issues homosexuals face in society as well as in highschool.
"Free to Love"
Julia Li - MO
"Logan's Family"
(Children's book)
Kim Bowen - WA
"Untitled" (drawing)
"The Beginning"
(photos of marrige in SF)
"Gay Chocolate" (chocolate)
Jimmy Dinh - CA
Last Updated August 15, 2005

A poem written to a mother
as a way to get her to possibly try and understand.

(charcoal drawing)
Rebecca Manriquez - WA
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"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
(Fictional story)
Natalie Wyatt- FL
Special Judges' Award ($100)
All works on this website belong solely to the authors and artists who created them. 
Do not use or reproduce anything without permission from the KarMel Scholarship.
An excerpt:
"Nadine My Love,
          Good morning beautiful.  I can't stop thinking about you.  I wish I were there right now so that I could wake up next to you and make our coffee special how we like it.  You don't need any sugar in yours right?  Because your lips are sweeter than the most saccharine of sugars.  Oh man, I think being away makes my game all that much better, right?  Hopefully I'll only be 3 more months over here.  The longest months of my entire life are the ones without you in my arms!  This guy Rich told me to be gay today!  HAHA!  I mean, c'mon, what was I supposed to say? "Sure buddy, you're a little late on that one!  That there letter you're holding is from my lesbian lover!"  Oh my God, that would be sooooo funny!  I can see his mouth fallng open and his words getting all mumbled up.  I should just tell them so they'd kick me out!  But, like I told you before, I'm in too deep, having taken the anti-homosexuality classes and signed all sorts of papers, they'd dishonorably discharge me and I'd never find work again.  Damn baby, I should be as open as possible, it' isn't worth it being any other way, take it from me.  Well, I need to finish up some chores and such, and then I've got a card game to catch so I'll be looking forward to opening your letter late on tonight and writing you again tomorrow.  Love you lots, miss you tons,
                                             XOXOXOXOXO - Jamie"
Best Written Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work ($200)
2005 Honorable Mention Awards
This year we decided to award honorable mention awards by media and subject.  We wanted to showcase the best of the best!

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"Buzz--" (Poem)
Angel Ochoa - IL
A poem about two gay men holding onto their relationship as much as they can amid societal discrimination.
"Freedom to Love"
Amy Leslie - CA
Most Unique Idea ($50):
"Reflection" by Kristina Weaver
Best Sensual ($50):
"Untitled" by Michael Suh
Best Love ($50):
"My Heart Remembers" by Perry Conley
Best From Family/Friend of Gay Person ($50):
"Why I Love my 4 Parents" by Courtney McDonald
"My Daddy Wears" by Venus Hernandez
Best Bi-Sexual ($50):
"You and Her" by Takiah Elliot
Best Transgender ($50):
"Two Moments in His Story" by Nickolas McDaniel
ut in Public with My Gender" by Kevin Werner
Best Coming Out ($50):
"Do You Think" by Jamie Carlson
Best Gay Pride ($50):
"Pride over Ignorance" by Megan Armstrong
Best Gay Marriage($50):
"Our Wedding Story" by Charity Kuahiwinui
Best Song ($50):
"Dear John" by Sally M.
"Coming Home" by Trich Bruxvoort-Colligan
Best Slideshow ($50):
"Shedding My Female" by Sarah Cohen
Best Comic ($50):
"Ignorance or Acceptance" by Loren Bruton
Best Drawing ($50):
"Young Love" by Anonymous
"Bare Pride" by Christian Reyes
Best Photo ($50):
"Family" by Stacey Miller
Best Article/Editorial ($50):
"Flirting with the heteroflexible experience" by Olivia Bevacqua
Best Fictional Story ($50):
"Law & Order: SVU - True Love" by Shannon Perry
"Prop Twenty Blue" by Patrick Seitz
Best Poem ($50):
"Never Going Back" by Justin Carlton
"Unexpected Kiss" by Anonymous
A "Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender" Themed Scholarship
By Media
By Subject
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2004 Winners
"We were truly amazed at the quality and creativity put forth by all the applicants this year. 
We received more than 900 submission from 500  applicants, and awarded a total of $2,500. 
Come view the wonderful submissions we received!  Enjoy!"  -
Karen and Melody (August 15, 2005)
Comments, feedback or questions?  Please email us at: infokarmel@karenandmelody.com
A Few of the 2005 SUBMISSIONS
Come View
a few of the 2005 Submissions!!! 

"But mom you want to see my happy
A guy or girl, my heart will still get broken
I'm old enough to make my own choices
You said so yourself
So I chose a girl because no one else I'd rather break me
I chose a girl because no one else I'd rather take me
I chose a girl because no one else makes me feel this way
But really I chose  girl because nothing else works for me."
2006 KarMel Scholarship Information
If you are interested in applying for 2006 KarMel Scholarship,
the details and application will be on our website on
October 2005

So please check back in October for more details!!!!