KarMel Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2003 Winners!
Best Written Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work ($300)
Best Artistic Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work ($400)
Due to the outstanding quality of the submissions we received and additional sponsors to our scholarship, additional awards were presented.  Let's congratulate these winners as well! 
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"San Francisco to Baltimore"

Reanna Scott - Maryland
Melody's Favorite ($25)
Karen's Favorite ($25)
Runner Up - Written ($50)
Runner Up - Artistic ($50)
"The Girl Who Could Fly" (poem)
Lauren Scott - Iowa
"Things Have Got to Change" (documentary)
Christina Frenzel - California
"E-mail to Mr. Dalhgren" (story)
David Dow - Massachusetts
"Forget the Roads, I took to the Air"
(spoken word)

Jake Holbrook - Texas
"Not my Choice" (poem)
"Feelings/How Do I Feel" (poem)
"Outside In" (collage)

Tiffany Hardin - Wisconsin
Last Updated November 20, 2003
"In A Boy's Dream" (color artwork)
Naz Nami - California
"Liberation" (color artwork)
Joanna Barnum - New York
"Truth or Dare" (story)
Anonymous - North Carolina
"I Hate It" (poem)
Sara Finchman - West Virginia
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"My Metamorphous"
(personal story)
Leah Reinert - Illinois
Honorable Mentions - Written ($25)
Special Judges' Award ($50)
"Doubly Divine" (poem)
Katie Jares - Iowa
"Pretty Girl" (poem)
"What about Me?" (personal story)

Kristi Maldonado - Washington
"You're Pretty" (song)
"Streams of Water" (song)

Chelsea Smith- Minnesota
"Soulmates" (photo)
"Untitled" (photo)

Jessie Berg - California
"My Glorious Transtion" (spoken word)
"Worship" (spoken word)

Solidad Decosta - California
"Uncommon Freedoms" (story)
Jessica Kohut - Connecticut
"Metamorphosis" (poem)
Anthony Lucas - Pennyslvania
Honorable Mentions - Artistic ($25)
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An excerpt:
"My life was over.  Well at least that is what I thought.  How can I possibly be something that disturbs so many people?  Why am I something that disgusts so many people?  What are my parents going to say?  Will they disown me?  What about my friends?  Will they leave me also?  These are just a few of the questions that were screaming through my head when I finally came to terms, and realized that I am a lesbian."
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