Christmas Day (2003)
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The Christmas spirit continues with more gifts from family and each other.
My beautiful Melody poses with one of the clues from the "12 Clues of Christmas" game.  The clues were placed in boxes and stockings and then hidden all over the house.
Jenny smiles with her gift from Melody.  It's a "Sisters" ornament with a picture of her and Melody inside.
Nike checks out Jenny's gifts to see if there is anything she wants from the pile.  Jenny got the stuffed Stitch, the sisters ornament, a comic book, some candy and a bag of snack food that she likes to eat.
Karen quickly looks over the Chinese cookbook that Jenny gave her for Christmas.  The first recipe I'm looking for...eggplant in garlic sauce.  It was there!
Karen holds up a decoration that Melody got her for the kitchen.  It's an apron that says, "World's Best Chef."
Hmm...I wonder if my girl likes my cooking?
Karen's mom sent Melody this cute bear.  He has a place on his tummy for you to put a picture.  Melody put in one of our good Christmas pictures so that he would always have us close to his heart.
Isn't he cute?