Christmas Outdoor Decorations (2003)
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This year we decorated our house for the first time.  Of course, we needed to add to our collection of lights, as the house needed a lot more decorations than the apartment.  Look at our new decoration and see what a festive house we had  for Christmas!
Karen really loves Christmas trains.  We liked this one because the lights reflected off the foil paper.  It looked so cute with it's puff of smoke and turning wheels.
"All aboard the Christmas train to Karen and Melody's house!"
This is the front yard.  We hung Santa and the reindeer on the trees to make them look like they were taking off. 
Icicle lights helped framed the Christmas train.
Our prejector decorated the wall opposite the front porch with Angels and a wish for Peace on Earth!
This is the front porch all decorated for Christmas.  Santa peeks out the window with colored lights all around.
Our "Welcome" reindeer stands just below the window to greet all those who come to our door.
Blue lights framed the doorway and red lights framed the kitchen window.
Icicle lights in blue and white hung from the gutters.
This little snowman stood guard over the Christmas train, making sure that Santa stayed on schedule.
This is the view of the entire house.  The porch is in the background.  We used candy cane rope lights to line the walkway up to the front door.
We also decorated the garage with garland, red bows and a spot light for effect.
Bright multi-colored lights edged the top of the house, all around.
We were really in the Christmas spirit this year!!