Christmas Day (2003)
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Christmas day was special for us this year.  We had Melody's sister Jenny with us to make the occasion special.  Melody handmade a special gift for me, and I worked on a special delivery for one of my gifts to Melody.  Jenny liked Melody's gift to me so much, she made one for her boyfriend.  Turns out she has a real talent working with clay.  Too bad she wants to be an engineer and make lots of money.  She could be an artist.  She is really that good!
We opened our gifts and spent the day enjoying them.
Karen poses with the gift that Melody made for her.  Karen has said that she wants to come back in her next life as a happy, Califonia cow.  So, Melody made her a clay picture of two cows, by the ocean, on a bright sunny day.  They are watching the sunset because we all know that Karen and Melody never see the sunrise!!
Karen's gifts from Melody.  Okay, I know it.  I'm a spoiled brat.  My girl sure likes to take care of me.  I got a new spice rack, cow socks, cow mug, stuffed cow, red tea, smores maker and all the supplies to make the smores.  I made out like a bandit.
Melody holds her special gift from Karen.  Melody had a CareBear cousin elephant when she was a little girl and she really wanted another one, so I got her the elephant and a friend cat to keep it company.
Since I didn't handmake the gifts, I decided to make it more fun to find them.  I created the "12 Clues of Christmas" game.  Melody had to find clues all over the house and outside (even though it was raining.)  Each clue  had a hint about her gift and directions where to find the next clue.  After she had all the clues, she put them together and guessed her gift, which she was then allowed to open.  It was a lot of fun!
Melody's gifts from me.  She got the Smallville season 1 DVDs, a CareBear calendar, a CareBear mousepad and a dart board.  She actually got two dart boards for Christmas.  My brother also sent her one.
Melody and Jenny pose for their picture in front of the Christmas tree.  Melody is holding the fishies dish that Jenny got her for Christmas.
Aren't they beautiful?
Jenny poses with her stuffed Stitch, that Melody gave her for Christmas, in one hand and the clay Stitch she made in the other.  I told you she was really good at modeling the clay!  Looks like Chester was helping her.  It's his tail in the picture.
The kids see their new toy for the first time.  It's a bird that actually chirps and makes bird noises.  The cats had a blast knocking that around for the day.  Chester and Nike are mesmerized here by the sounds.
Chester plays with another of the kitty toys.  It's a kitty shaped flashlight that shows different pictures onto the wall.  We had several pictures to choose from including a mouse, and a bird.  Their treats are also on the floor.  I think the kitties had a good Christmas too!
Karen shows off her Christmas card from Melody.  It popped up and showed two little mice kissing in front of the Christmas tree, surrounded by lots of presents.  Kinda like our house.  LOL
It was so cute.
Here is one of the clay figures that Jenny made for us.  She made a Piglet and a Pooh for Melody and I.
Isn't that the best Piglet you have ever seen?
Again, I told you the girl has real talent!