Halloween Party:
Different Afro Looks
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Carol came as a 70's afto man.  So, we all took our turn putting on her wig.  Fun was had by all....See who you think looks the best!
Karen poses with the afro, the glasses and her good witch costume.  Do you think that she still is a good witch?
Melody gets buried by the wig!
I think it was as big as she is...she is under there somewhere!
Carol, in her full "Afro Man" costume.
Really cool dude!!
Kathie came as a doctor, and then as afro doctor with the wig on.
Ai Lin was a good sport and tried on the wig!
Doesn't she look cute?
Steph poses with the 'fro.
Fun was had by all!
James and the French Maid have fun with the afto...and each other!!