Halloween Party
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Karen threw a surprise party for Melody.  It was a chance to see and catch up  with our friends.  Halloween served as the theme and we encouraged our guest to come in costume.  See who showed up!!
Karen was a friendly witch and Melody was her magical kitty!!
Since it was a surprise party for Melody, Karen picked out their costumes.
Kathie brought her "French Maid" Jaime to the party.  Boy did we all have fun with her!!!
Melody loves to play Twister, so one of the hightlights of the evening was Twister Time!
Here, Steph, James and Sheila are battling to win a match.
Melody, Jaime and Steph battle in this match. 
Oops...Jaime better watch those boobies!!
We hit a pinata to let the kid out of all of us.  Melody takes the first hit...well at least the first swing.  Sorry honey, you didn't hit the bat.
Steph stands ready for her shot at the bat.  As you can see, he is still looking pretty good.  This bat put up a good fight and proved difficult to break open.
James finally did the impossible and broke open the bat.  He actually beat it to death!!!
Score: James 1 the Bat 0!!
The bat...still smiling but in a few more pieces.  We brought him in to empty him of his loot...lots of candy!!