Halloween Decorations
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This year, we had a whole house to decorate.  We were up to the challenge though.  We added a few...okay, maybe more than a few, new decorations to get our house all ready for Halloween.  Look below at our handywork!
We carved the pumpkins that we picked at the pumpkin patch.  Melody did the bats on the right, and Karen did the Trick or Treat scene on the right.  We are so talented, aren't we?
This was one of our new additions.  He is a purple bat.  He sat atop the windows in the living room...watching over us.
A view of our front porch on Halloween night.  We were all decked out for the trick or treaters.
This lighted witch was another of our new decorations.  She flew above the village, so we could see her everynight.
We got this double fiber optic pumpkin in Half Moon Bay.  It is so cute when it is all lit up.   I just love the purple hat!
This is from our halloween village.  Melody bought Karen the yard to match the house.  It looks really cool when it is lit up at night.
This mat would say, "Happy Halloween" whenever you stepped on it.  Some of the trick or treaters thought it was fun, some where a little freaked out by it.  We were certainly tired of hearing it by the end of the evening!
Our "crashing witch" hanges on the gate to give the appearence that she crashed into the fence.
Even Princess got into the spirit.  She wore here pumpkin costume to greet the many kids who came for treats.
A pumpkin face greats all who walk up the path to the door.