Our New Chester
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On September 20 a new little kitty found our patio and adopted us.  He is a boy, about 8 months old, and he is such a loving, curious bundle of energy.  He likes to follow us around, helping with whatever we are doing, and then when it is time to sleep, he likes to crawl onto your lap or into your arms and gets himself cozy for his nap.
We named him Chester because he lookes like a cheetah, and we all love Chester Cheetah, the Cheetos cat!!
Chester has a very unique look.  His face is almost Siamese looking, but he is totally black.  Here you can see his handsome face and eyes.
Chester learned early that we like to take lots of photos of our kids.  He wanted a profile shot...he is such a ham!!
Chester likes to cuddle, next to Melody, for his naps.  We put a blanket out for him to keep him warm.  He would snuggle with Melody before going to bed at night.
Chester is all boy...and full of spit and vinegar.  He has so much energy we got a toy for him to play with.  He even plays with the grass bugs when he is alone to keep himself occupied.  We knew he had to be a kitten because of all the energy he has.  Here he lays on his back and plays with his mouse.
Of course, Chester is still a baby at heart.  Here he takes a nap in Karen's arms, snuggling next to her heart.
When he needs serious sleep, Chester likes to stretch out and get totally comfortable.  For a small kitty he can sure get long when he stretches out.  He is two arms full!!