Tribute to Our Meow Meow
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We moved in the end of July into our new house.  On July 27th, a small black kitty showed up on our doorstep and adopted us as her new family.  We think she saw Nike and Bambi and figured she looked like them, so she must belong here with them.  After trying, with no luck, to find her owners we named her Meow Meow and settled her into our family.  We took her to the vet for a check up and found that she had Feline Leukemia.  While she was doing okay, we knew it meant her time with us would be brief, we had no idea how brief.
Meow Meow got her name because of her need to "talk" to us all the time.  She always let us know she was around by calling us...meow, meow, get the idea.
The vet thought she was pregnant and knowing that a pregnancy wouldn't be good for her health, we had her fixed.  It turned out she wasn't pregnant, she just had an infection.  It was a good thing we had her checked.
A week after her surgery she was recovering nicely.  We had moved her inside to a room of her own.  We had to put one of those crazy collars on her to keep her from biting at her stitches, which she hated.  Melody would take off the collar for her and sit with her to keep her from biting, but giving her time without the dreaded 'satelite dish' collar.
On Monday, August 25 sometime during the afternoon Meow Meow began panting.  Cats do not pant like dogs.  Their panting is a sign of something being terribly wrong.  We rushed Meow Meow to the vet, but they were not able to determine what was wrong.  They did some tests and hoped they have some answers for us  in the morning.  By midnight, Meow Meow was still panting and getting weaker.  We rushed her to the emergency vets, but she was too sick for them to save her.  We held her as she took her final breath and went to join Pooter in doggie and kitty heaven on Tuesday August 26, 2003.
While our time with her was short, we were blessed to spend many special moments with her. 
Below are our pictures of those special moments...
Meow Meow was small like a baby, but we were surprised to find out she was about 2 years old.  Shel liked to be held and demanded lots of attention.  Here Karen is cuddling with her, while Meow Meow poses for the camera.
Meow Meow stretches out next to Melody's legs to take a cat nap!  She always liked to be close and touching us while she slept.  She took advantage of the times we were with her when she wanted to nap, being sure to get as close as she could to snuggle.
Melody and Meow Meow had their own special times.  Here Melody and Meow Meow sit together.  We kept Meow Meow outside so we had to go out to give her the quality time she needed.  It made our time with her one-on-one and really relaxing.
One of Meow Meow's favorite things to do was walk with Karen, in the morning, to get the newspaper.  Here Meow Meow and Karen return from picking up the paper in the driveway.  Meow Meow was always close when we did things in the front yard.  She also helped take out the trash and water the yards...she was always nearby.
We tried hard to get a really good picture of Meow Meow's eyes.  She had greenish eyes, not the golden eyes of most black kitties.  This is the best picture we had of her eyes.  It doesn't really show her eyes, but take our word for it...they were unique.
Meow Meow claimed the porch swing as her new bed.  She liked to stretch out there and sleep.  It also made it easy for us to look out our living room window and check on her or, as was mostly the case, allowed her to look into the window to keep an eye on us.