Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus
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On September 3, 2003 Melody experienced her first circus.  Karen hadn't been to a circus in many years and so it was like the first time for both of them.  The show was a blast.  We recommend for everyone to go when Ringling Bros comes to your town. 
Before the show, we were allowed to tour the outside animal houses.  We saw elephants and tigers and horses and goats...all the stars of the show.  Melody is excited to see her first circus.
Here is a camel posing before the show.  We got up close and were really able to see the animals and take all the pictures we wanted.
The arena was all decked out for the circus.  They had lots of lights and banners making the inside feel like outside. 
They had a group of chinese acrobats that put on all types of acts.  Here, six men are dressed as three lions, standing atop a plastic ball.  They were GREAT!!
Of course, the stars of any circus are always the elephants.  The elephants got to do many different stunts and participate in the opening parade of animals.  Here one of the beautiful performers rides atop of an elephant.  The elephants even sat up with the girls on them.  It was breathtaking...in more than one way!!
Melody loves motorcycles so one of her favorite acts was when six cycles entered the globe of death and proceded to all ride around in a circle together.  Everyone survived!!
Melody modeling her new Circus T-Shirt and her memorial bag.  She was like a kid...okay we both were...after the show.  It was so much FUN!!!
Here we are...in our great seats, at the arena, waiting to enjoy the circus.  We both were like big kids amazed at all the acts the circus had to offer.