Salt Lake City
- Train ride to the Tubing Park
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We could have just driven right to the Tubing Park, but where's the fun in that?  Instead we took a rambling ride on a  train up to a shuttle stop.  From there a bus took us the rest of the way.  It was a great way to see lots of the valley!
Karen ane Melody pose together with the snowy mountains in the background.  The Salt Lake City area is really beautiful this time of year.  Cold, but beautiful!
This is the train we rode part way to the tubing park.  It was just a way to add something fun and interesting to the tubing outing.
Karen and Mark, her brother-in-law, pose outside the train just before boarding.  Better climb aboard...we don't want to miss the train and end up having to make the 5 mile drive there!
This is a view from the train.  The cars were enclosed as it was pretty chilly outside.  The sun was shining and it was a beauitul day to play in the snow, but it's still very cold!
This is a small stream that we passed over on our way up to the Tube Park.  Despite the cold, snowy weather the water here didn't freeze over.  It looked pretty with all the snow around it!
We passed lot of farms and ranches on our way up to the drop-off point.  Even the horses get to play in the snow this time of year.
Mark is all bundled up and ready for the snow.  Check out his cool goggles (they look like alien ears.)   You put them on under your ski cap and then they open in the center.  That way you don't lose them if you don't need to wear them!