Salt Lake City
- Tubing and Skiing
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We went to visit Karen's sister and brother-in-law in Salt Lake City, Utah.  There was a lot of snow while we were there, so we tried out some new interesting snow adventures such as tubing and skiing.
Here is Melody comfortably relazing in her tube.  This was a tired that was wrapped nicely to sit in.  Tubing is basically riding in a tube as you slide down the mountain.
See Karen sliding down the mountain.  There are 5 differents slides to take.  This was definitely a lot of fun.  Something everyone should do!
Close-up of Karen coming down on her tube!  See how much fun she is having!  It's like being a kid again!
Mark, Karen's brother-in-law, also joined us for a fun filled day tubing!  He looks so cool here!
Here is another picture of the mountains and sun while sitting in the ski lodge.
There's Melody skiing down the slopes!  Don't go too fast!
Melody tried her hand at skiing again.  It's been 10+ years since she last skiied.  It was not easy!  She was going very slow!  You get older and you get more scared!
Here is a beatuiful view of the snowy mountains while we were skiing.  Mark took this beautiful picture.