Tribute to Our Pooter
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On August 21, 2003 Pooter passed away suddenly.  He was healthy and happy on Wednesday night, but woke up Thursday not feeling well.  We took him to the vet, but they were not able to initially find what was making him sick.
Later that afternoon, he took a turn for the worse.  The vet called for us to come be with him, but he died before we could get to the vet's office.  The next day we learned that Pooter had been suffering from Diabetes.  We never knew dogs could get Diabetes and we didn't recognize the warning signs.
Pooter went into a diabetic coma and died quickly.  He didn't suffer and for that we are grateful.  His sudden passing was hard on us, but a much easier path for him. 
Pooter is always in our hearts and in our thoughts.  We will miss him!!
Pooter looking handsome and peaceful.  He had his own place in the bed and slept there both day and night.
Pooter and Karen cuddling and taking a nap.  Pooter was Karen's boy, her constant companion...awake or asleep!!
Pooter, dressed in his sweater, sleeping in his own bed, a rare occasion.  He sometimes liked to sleep in Princesses bed, but it was too small for him.  Melody got him one of his own, but he still preferred to sleep in Princesses.
Pooter snuggling with a pillow to take a nap.  He always liked to sleep with a pillow. 
Such a spoiled dog!!
Pooter was a good big brother to his kitty sisters.  Here he watches over Nike as she takes a nap on the chair.
Bambi had a special relationship with Pooter.  She liked to cozy up next to him when he would let her.  I think she liked the extra body heat he put off.  Pooter wasn't always agreeable to this closeness, but sometimes he would indulge Bambi.  He was afterall, the big brother!!
Karen, Pooter and Princess together on the couch.
Pooter was never far from Karen's side, even if they were just watching TV.
Goodbye our sweet, gently Pooter.
Watch over us from doggie heaven.
We love you and will miss you!!