Pooh Piglet Christmas Tree
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We love to give each other pre-Christmas gifts!  Karen surprised Melody this year with a Pooh and Piglet Christmas tree!   You see we have this thing where, Karen is Pooh and Melody is Piglet.  Karen bought all the different Pooh and Piglet ornaments from eBay.  We hope to have a tradition to have a different theme tree every year!  This was very creative!  Melody loved the gift!
Here is the Pooh and Piglet tree.  Karen got a beautiful white Christmas tree.   The lights were orange for Pooh and pink for Piglet.  Even the tree skirt had Pooh and PIglet on it.  It was the most beautiful tree!
Here is the topper for the Pooh PIglet tree.  Isn't it cute with Piglet holding a start above Pooh's head?
Karen got some cute Pooh and Piglet together ornaments.  Here is Pooh holding Piglet in a stocking.
Here is Pooh carring the Christmas tree, with Piglet holding on fast to the tree!
This was a Pooh ornament that lighted up inside.
Here is another similar one but of Piglet.
There were even these cute Pooh Piglet story book ornaments.  It told a short story of Pooh and PIglet together.  Here they are sharing honey together.
Here's another story book.  Here Pooh and PIglet are trying to figure out whose foot prints are in the snow!  Must be Tigger, as we see his little tail!
And Karen got some individual Pooh ornaments.  Here is Pooh hanging from a wreath.
Here's another similar one, but PIglet sitting in a wreath!
Pooh loves his honey!  He got his foot stuck in a honey jar.
Here is little Piglet next to his Christmas tree.
Here is Pooh and Piglet writing a note to Santa Claus.
This was Melody's favorite Pooh/Piglet ornament.  SHe loves the fun that Pooh and PIglet are having sliding down the tube!