Christmas Indoor (2004)
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As much as we like to decorate the outside, we also decorate a lot inside.  Everything gets decorated!  We got a lot of new items indoor as well this year.  Come look at how we have fun for the holidays!
Here is our Christmas tree and our new electric fireplace!  The house didn't come with a fireplace so Melody surprised Karen with a new fireplace.  It even has a heater to keep you warm. 
Here is our dining room.  We bought the new art piece of the Santa looking through the window with 3 cats.  It reminded us of our new cats, Jazzy, Razzy and Fuzzy.
Here is a close-up of the new art we got at the Santa Clara Harvest festival.  It's Santa peeking in with his cats!
Here is out kitchen with our happy Holiday sign of Snowman.  Most of the kitchen was decorated with a snowman theme.
Here was a new addition to our town village set.  This is Santa coming out of a gingerbread house from the North Pole.
We finally got a Toy Store for our town village set.  It's cool as you can see through the windows to see children in the toy store!
This is our large village set collection.  The first year, we had 5 houses.  The second year we added 5 more.  Now we have a total of 15 houses!  It's cool when it's all lit up at night!
Here is the right side of the village.  See the Christmas tree!  Also the flower emporioum is next to the toy shop.  Above is a horse drawn carriage going to a home.
Here is another view of other houses.  There's a restaurant and a grocery store.  Also Karen's favorite was the blue house that lights up at night with real Christams lights!
Here are some more houses and a school.
Here is the left side of our village.  It has the sea shore items.  The light house.  The Christmas tree shop.  The harbor where boats pull in.
Karen got this new Santa with Reindeer that sits on the door frame.  See we decorate everything!!
Melody told her dad that she now has 7 cats.  So for Christmas he gave us this huge pet bed!  That was really sweet of my dad.  Here is Jazzy in the bed.
Here is Fuzzy in the bed.  All of them are taking their turn in the bed.  "Thanks Grandpa", they say!
Here is our tree all filled with gifts.  One half is Melody's gift and the other half is Karen's.  We go crazy with gifts for the holiday.  We decorated the tree, but it didn't get taken in time for these pictures.
We love this artist that does these fairy pictures.  She has very unique frames and mats that go along with her pictures.  This is one of the fairies dancing around the Christmas tree.