Christmas Dinner (2003)
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Christmas is always a special occasion for us and this year it was even more so because we had Melody's sister Jenny  (home for her Christmas break from MIT) to celebrate with.  Of course, we made way too much food, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed the meal together.  That's what's most important.
Family's together for the holidays!
Karen and Melody pose before dinner starts to have their picture taken. 
Aren't we such a cute couple?
The dinner table!
It's so full there is hardly room for our plates.  Who did we think we were feeding?  We had lots of good things to eat and then lots of leftovers for later.
Jenny and Karen get ready to dig in and eat.  We had a mix of traditions this year with Chinese, American and vegetarian cuisine served.
Karen enjoys a smore for dessert.
Melody gave her a smores maker for Christmas and we all enjoyed toasting marshmellows and melting chocolate between graham crackers.!
Christmas is a great time to make smores.  They are a great treat for cold nights.
Bambi is our little sweet eater.
Jenny shares her toasted marshmellow with Bambi. 
Wonder if they make a smores flavored cat food?