Christmas 2006
Our Christmas Village
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This year we got a couple of long tables to put our Christmas villages.  We had a section for the town center, the wharf and shops. 
Here is part 1 of the Christmas village.  North pole is to the left.  And the shops are to the right.
Part 2 of the Christmas village has the town center with the christmas tree and ski rink.  To the right is the homes.
Part 3 of the Christmas village.  The right most is the seaside village that is cut off in the picture.  Here you see all the homes in the neighborhood.
The new skating rink up close!
The new Santa with reindeer display.
Some carolers singing next to the house.
Karen's new Avon piece.  This shows Santa inside with the reindeer waiting for him on the roof top.
The new car fix center.