Christmas 2006
Vasona Lake Christmas Displays
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Cisco sponsored a Christmas display at the Vasona Lake park for the "Fantasy of LIghts" show, so we got free tickets to go.   During Christmas time, the Vasona Lake area gets decorated with Christmas displays.  You drive through with our car to see all the Christmas displays.  Every year they add a few new ones, like this year was the dinosaur.
Karen driving our van to see the Vasona Lake Christmas displays.  You drive your car through it to see the displays.
Melody calls shot gun.  Okay there is no one else in the car so of course she gets that seat.
The "Fantasy of Lights" sign. 
Here is a little elft trying to spray the snowman.  This was animated so you would see the water shoot out of the hose.
This was a big tree that was a decorated with lights.  It was beautiful.
This is Melody's favorite Christams display each year.  This teddy bear climbs up the candy cane and swings down.
Cisco sponsored a Christmas display this year.  This is Cisco's new logo.  Thanks to Cisco we got free tickets to come.
This was a new display this year.  The dinosaur was pretty cool.
An elf in a car bringing presents to children or Santa's sleigh.
This is a cool animated one, where Santa shoots baskets into the hoop.
Here is a Pirates of the Caribeen ship.
The end of the road.  Santa waves goodbye to us.  We had a great time.