Christmas 2006
Christmas Living Room Tree
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We got a new 8 foot Christmas tree for the living room.  We had so much ornaments that we had to get this large tree.  We put all our fun Christmas ornaments here.
Here is our Christmas tree in all its glory.  Tos of presents and ornaments.  It was in our dining room/living room area.
This is our tree when it is all lit up.
Every year we do a custom ornament to list all our family members (our 4 legged ones).   This year we have 12 members.
We saw this cute new ornament with Santa and Santa's wife.
We love Cookie Monster.  Here is a new Cookie Monster ornament.
We love Pooh and Piglet, as Karen is Pooh and Melody is Piglet.  So we got another Pooh/Piglet ornament sipping hot chocolate.
We got this ornament to symbolize both of us.
Karen really liked this cute mouse in his rocket.
Melody loves the Coca Cola bear commercials so here is a cute Coca Cola bear with penguin ornament.
We love penguins.  Here they are having a snowball fight.