Christmas 2006
Snow Village in San Francisco
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One of the hotels up in San Francisco has a huge Christams village collection on display.   Lisa and Dee had recommended it to us.  We had a lot of fun seeing all the villages and houses. 
The "Snow Village" post display.  This was our first time here to see the villages all set up.
Here is a group of houses in a neighborhood.
Karen by her favorite bowling building.
Melody by her favorite Chinese restaurant.
Here is an elegant home.
Here is an old log house with a deer running past it.
This is the Budweiser depot.
This is Melody's favorite village piece, a Chinese restaurant.  There is a dragon next to it too.
Here is a view of all the different stores in the villages.  There is a Krispy Kreme donut and a Chevrolet car store.
Karen's favorite Bowling Alley.
The hotel had these cool lights strung down making a Christmas waterfall/veil.
The icy part of the Christmas village.