Christmas 2006
KarMel Scholarship Tree
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Every year Melody comes up with a cool Christmas gift to suprise Karen.  This year she got signed up for a tree on behalf of the KarMel Scholarship to decorate in the downtown San Jose Community Tree program.  We got to decorate two trees .  We used the artistic submissions from the KarMel Schlarship and made ornaments out of them to hang on the tree.   Since Karen loves decoriate for the holiday, Melody had to expand her skills to decorating for the community.
Karen starting to decorate our first tree.  We picked this tree to decorate since it was nice and big.  We made the skirt ourselve by painting the rainbow pride colors.
We made our own sign for the KarMel Scholarship.  We decorated our skirt with Santa and her elves!
We made a rainbow gay pride star for our tree topper.  We also added cute signs like "Happy Holidays" to spread the holiday cheers.
We took submission from our KarMel Scholarship and laminiated it to make them into ornaments to hang on the tree.  That way everyone could see the beautiful pictures we got for the scholarship.
Us next to our beautiful KarMel Scholarship tree #1!   We had so much fun decorating the tree.
Here is what our tree looks like at night.
This is the original tree we got assigned.  This is how we decorated our second tree.
Here is our tree all lit up at night.
The tree in the middle is ours.  However the tye dye tree next to us was really cool and drew in a lot of traffic.
Our tree is in the middle.  We were next to the merry-go-round.  The tree to the right also had rainbow but was not gay related.
Melody huddled next to our Christmas tree.
This was another cute tree that another group decorated.