Christmas 2006 Indoor
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Every year we like to decorate our inside of the house full of Christmas spirit.  Come see our decorations for 2006!
Karen got this Santa remote controller.  When you push his hand, he turns on or off the light.
Here's a new Snowman figurine.
We love penguiins and so a penguin train set is fitting for us.
We love Pooh and Piglet even more.  This is our new Pooh/Piglet train set.
This is a unique Christmas decoration for the wall.  Each item moves up and down simulating the motion that it is moving.
We got this Santa blanket at a fair.  It is so soft.  it has the soft furry inside.
Karen got Melody this Snoopy cookie/candy case.
Karen got this decorated Santa egg.
Karen's mother got us Care Bear and a teddy bear stuff animal for Chritsmas. 
Here is our display case of our funny Christmas decorations.