Our 2006 Christmas Celebration
Our Christmas Gifts
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We love to spoil each other with fun Christmas gifts.  Come see all our fun
Melody with all her Christmas gifts.  Boy are we spoiled.
Karen can't wait to open all her gifts!
Karen got Melody a bunch of cute Christmas stories to read to her. 
Karen got us matching Pooh and Piglet PJs and shoes!
Melody gave Karen this Pooh/Piglet clock. 
Melody got this Snoopy Xmas shirt from Karen.
Karen had wanted a good set of kitchen knives so of course Melody got that for her for Christmas.
Melody wanted an emergency road kit for Christmas so Karen's sister got her it.
Karen got this cat night gown for Melody, but it was so huge that it was loose on Karen too.   What was Karen thinking?!?
Melody got her tickets to see the broadway show "Cats".
Karen was so excited about going to cats, she let out a howl!!!
Melody got this cat cup for Karen. 
Karen's mom got Melody this cute Santa cat pillow.
Karen got her batteries for her power tools.  Now she will be all charged up!
Karen's mom got us a new game to play with.
Here we are with all our gifts.  Boy are we spoiled.