Christmas 2006
Early Christmas Presents
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We bought each other some early Christmas presents.  Karen's computer broke down and was running just too slow (it took 30+ minutes just to boot up) so it was time for a new computer.  Melody also wanted a digital photo frame.  The cool gadget of the year so Karen got her the digital photo frame she wanted.  We got to have these end of November so we got to enjoy them even longer.

Jennifer, Melody's sister, was also going on a trip so we opened gifts early with her too.  Karen and Jennifer both chipped in on a new GPS for Melody.  Melody scored another cool gadget.
Melody posing with her new digital photo frame.  It's cool.  It's like a slideshow that rotates different photos.  The picture is beautiful.
Karen badly needed a new computer.  Here Karen is getting her new computer hooked up.  She got a new HP Pavillion computer.
Here is Karen's new HP computer. 
Jennifer (Melody's sister) and Karen both chipped in to get Melody a GPS.  Boy was she a lucky girl this year with all the cool gadgets.
We got Jennifer a paint set, some Nerds candy and a cute welcome dog figurine. 
Karen and I by our Christmas tree.  (close-up)
Jennifer is a great aunt to Nike.  Nike loves Aunt Jennifer's belly rubs.
Jennifer also got us a picture frame and a chocolate fondue pot.
Us by our Christmas tree all lit up.  It's a beautiful tree.  This was our new Christmas tree this year.