Vegas Trip 2007
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We went to see Karen' son, Tony and father in January.  We also met Tony's girlfriend.  We had some fun playing Cranium and going to PF Chang's for dinner.
Karen and her dad, Robert.  They look so happy. 
Here's Tony with his girlfriend, Courtney.  She flew in from Pittsburgh to visit the family.
During our down time, we played scrabble.  Here was our game. 
We played Cranium with Tony and Courtney.  This was Melody's sketch of ???  a girl in the shower?? 
Courtney and Tony trying to figure out their clue as we played Cranium.  It was a lot of fun.
We went out to PF Chang's fo dinner.  Tony was really good with the chopsticks.  And he tried a lot of new stuff!
A happy family of 3 generation.
We had some good food at PF Changs.  We were really stuffed by the end of the day.
Here is Baby.  Karen knew the kitty when she was young.  She likes to stay over with Karen's dad during the day.  She is super friendly.
Here is Baby walking us to our car.  We will miss baby as Karen's dad and sone will be moving to Pittsburgh soon.