Las Vegas 2006 - Rest Stop
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We went to visit Karen's family up in Las Vegas.   Mainly we were going there to clean up Karen's son, Tony's room.  He was out-of-town so we thought this would be the best time to clean out his messy room!  

Here we are on our car trip down to Vegas.  We stopped along the way.  And our car also broke down along the way!
Princess got to come along for the road trip too.  She loves road trips.  She's has the biggest smile when she is in the car.
Karen next to the Casa de Fruta train.  She drove the whole trip.  Melody just slept in the car.  She doesn't like road trips.
Here is Melody on the Casa de Fruita train.  can you see her?!?  She almost blends into the train.
This was an interesting teepe tent we saw at the Case de Fruita rest stop.
Here are some colorful tractors.  This was Melody's favorite.
This was an interesting piece.  We don't really know what it is.
Here is some of the beautiful scenery we saw as we drove to Vegas.
Whoever came up with this road's name?  ZZyzx?  How do you even say that?
Well our car broke down so we had to stop again.  Here is Melody getting ready to play some games while we wait for our car to be fixed.
We brought some games out of car.  Uno, cards, some Hawaii books to pass the time as we waited for our car.
Here is Karen's van in the shop.   The guy was very nice and was able to get our car fixed before he went home.  We were lucky that we were able to drive here to get it fixed and not need to be twoed.
Here was the broken piece in our car.  I don't remember the name.  The alternator?