Vallejo - Marine World
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We went to Marine World to see the animals and ride the amusement parks. It was a lot of fun.
Karen and Melody sitting in the ferris wheel.
Here is the ferris wheel we were riding on.
We saw some interesting dolphin shows.
We got to see up close this dolphin.  It would come to the window and let us pet it.
We got to see a shark up and close.
Karen is rubbing this Walrus's tummy.
Here is another butterfly we saw.
There was a beautiful place that was filled with butterflies.  We enjoyed this the most.  Here was one of the butterflies we saw.
Karen posing next to the giraffe.
The giraffe was eating this ice gelled fruit cocktail.
This is a tiger show.  See how big the tiger is!
Melody posing next to the tiger.  Don't let it eat you!
Here is the lion in his den.
We saw an elephant show.
A unique colored monkey.
Here is an ant eater.  He would have been helpful in our hotel room, which had ants in it.
We got to see water performmers as well.
We got these fun tatoos while we were there.  Here is Karen going under the knife.  This was our first tatoo.
Melody's tattoo on the left. (flowers)
Karen's tatoo on the right. (dolphin)