Vallejo - Minture Golf Land
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We had tickets to enjoy a day at a minture golf land.  We got to do minture golf, laser tag, batting, water boats, race boats, arcades.  It was a lot of fun.
Karen getting ready to put her ball into the castle doors.
Melody close up to the castle door.
Karen on the water bumper bug.  She's coming for Melody!
Karen got a chance to play softball.  She was really good at hitting the ball.
Karen and Melody at the Hawaiian BBQ restaurant.
Karen was excited to be eating Hawaiian BBQ food.
Hawaiian BBQ pork with rice.  This was delicious.
This was some of the Hawaiian BBQ appetezers we had.  Egg roll, wonton, spam, and fried shrimp.
We had this purple cake which was very delicious.
Our hotel room.  It was a very nice room except for the Ants.
We loved this lamp at our hotel room.  We were tempted to steal it.