In July 2006, Momma Kitty (aka Barfied) passed away.   She was 5 years old. 
Due to an illness that she could not fight because we could not administer drugs to her,
we had to put her down.  

She was Melody's first cat of the group of cats.  She was Nike and Bambi's mother.  She also had another litter of 8 kittens, which we turned over to a foster family. 

Even though she was feral and didn't allow us to touch her, she was still a big part of our family.  She loved to have dinner with us and would be ready to eat anything that fell to the floor. She always had the eye goobers that would get over the couch and chairs.  She was close with her daughter, Bambi, sometime taking naps together.  But most of the time she liked to be off alone in her corner of the house.

We love her and will always have the wonderful memories.
We hope she is doing good in kitty heaven.
A Tribute to
Momma Kitty
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Momma kitty with her daughter Bambi.  They liked to snuggle and take naps together.
Last year, she hid under the Christmas tree among the presents.  Wasn't she cute?
Momma kitty  taking a nap on her big chear.
Momma kitty  just lounging around.
Momma kitty  sleeping in the big pet bed Melody's dad bought for her.
Momma kitty  by the chair.