Thanksgiving (2006)
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We had Thanksgiving at Karen's friend, John's place.   Usually Karen likes to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner, but this year we were just too tired.  John and his family and friends welcomed us to a great Thanksgiving dinner.
Here we are ready to eat a big Thanksgiving dinner!
This is Karen's firend, John, who hosted the Thanksgiving dinner.  This is him with his mom.  He cooked a great Thanksgiving dinner.
We had pumpkin pie and apple pie to choose from.  We loved the pumpkin pie!
These are John's friends taht were invited as well.  They were a really sweet and fun to hang out with.
John's mom watching Survivor.  We all gathered around the tv after dinner to watch Survivor.
Everyone after dinner.  We were trying out the vegetarian turkey.  That's what was in the bowl.