Thanksgiving (2005)
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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  We had Melody's sister over for Thanksgiving.  Karen cooked a wonderful thanksgiving meal.  Melody cooked a mushroom meal for her sister, Jennifer, who is a vegetarian.  Of course, our kids had lots of turkey as well.
Here we are before our Thanksgiving dinner.
Melody's sister, Jennifer, feeding our kid Chester turkey.  He loves turkey.
Our kids love to eat turkey.  Here they are at the table waiting for their Thanksgiving turkey.
Nike is waiting to get some of the turkey sandwich.
Jennifer before she eats her Thanksgiving meal.  Melody cooked her a mushroom feast since Jennifer is a vegetarian.
Karen can't wait to start eating her plate.  It looks delicious.
Our Thanksgiving meal.  Turkey, mashed pototo, croissants, stuffing and lots of mushrooms.
Karen and Jenny eating almond tofu for desert.  Yummy.