Thanksgiving (2004)
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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  We had Melody's sister over for Thanksgiving.  Karen cooked a wonderful thanksgiving meal.  Melody had fun eating a great meal (she can't cook).  Our kids enjoyed turkey as well!
Here is the happy couple before Thanksgiving meal!  "Can we eat now?"  Melody says.
Here is Karen and Melody's sister, Jennifer.  We had a bunch of great stuff to eat.  Turkey, mashed potatos, stuffing, olives, eggs, chives, etc!
Melody bought Karen this cute Thanksgiving Day Charlie Brown with the Gang Train set.  It's so cute with everyone getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Here is Princess eating the turkey leftover.
Here is Chester and Bambi eating turkey leftovers.  It's nice to know they can share.
Here is Nike eating her own bowl.  Melody spoils her with her own bowl.