Tamale Festival (2007)
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We have a Tamale Festival near us that we go too.  They have vendors that cook different kind of tamale, from beef or pork to pineapple.  It was a lot of fun to taste the different kind of food.
Here is Karen all ready to go to the Tamale Festival.  We loaded up our cart to take home the best tamales in the festival.
Here is how they cook tamales.  In a big steamer.
Karen with her half eaten tamale.  Don't forget to share!
Melody with her box of cherries.
Here is Melody sliding down this huge tiger slide.  This was a lot of fun.  Melody is such a kid at heart.
Here is Melody in the race car which they will have in the San Jose Grand Prix.
Some people dressed up for the Tamale Festival.  Look at that head gear!
Melody in the car.
Karen and Melody had a nice picnic lunch feasting on all the great tamales.
Karen is doing her acrobatic pose!