Sushi 2006
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We had fun making our own sushi at home!  We learned at a party how to make sushi so we decided to test our skills to make sushi at home.  We did pretty good!
Here is our first batch of sushi.  It has unagi (bbq eel) or shrimp and Japenese cucumber.
Karen getting ready to eat her sushi.  She loves miso soup.  She always loves to say
"Me so love miso soup."
Here is the miso soup.  It's a Japenese soup.  We put tofu and chives in it.
We also had these soybeans.   You salt it on the outside a little and you only eat the inside beans. 
Here is Melody ready to eat her sushi too!  It's been a hard day working to make those sushi!
Here are some other sushi we tried.  We tried to make a unagi and some rolls.  The rolls didn't turn out so right.