Stephanie's House Warming Party (2007)
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Stephanie is one of Melody's close friends.  Stephanie and her fiance, Dana, bought a new house in Oakland.  We did a house warming party and celebrated Ai-Lin and Melody's bday.
This is Stephanie's new house.  It looks beautiful and elegant.
We got her this welcome mat for Stephanie's house warming party.
Stephanie's fiance, Dana with Karen.  He made a nice ice tea drink for Karen.
This is Stephanie.  She's proud to show off her new home to all her friends.
Melody and Karen on Stephanie's couch.
This is Karin and Phroi in Stephanie's backyard.
In front of Stephanie's house is a large park.  We all went for a walk through the forest to see the beautiful trees.
Along the way, there was a small stream.
Here was some other lush scenery.
This was a small waterfall.
Group picture time!
A pretty flower that we saw along the way.