Super Soap Weekend
Eden Riegel from
All My Children
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On May 31 and June 1, 2003 we went to Califonia Adventures to attend Super Soap Weekend and meet the stars of All My Children.  Of course, our main objective, was to meet Eden Riegel who plays Bianca Montgomery, our favorite character on AMC.
We had a great time meeting, in person, lots of friends that we have on the message boards.
We spent two days standing in lines, making new friends, riding the rides and spending time with friends.
Melody tells Eden her story.  How she ended her relationship, came out and met Karen all because of Eden's portrayal of Bianca.  Eden was so touched!
Melody was a hard act to follow, but Eden told Karen that she had a special girl in Melody.
This is a poster we made to show Eden how much we supported, and loved her.  She loved the poster!!
Eden poses with fans from her message board.
In the back from left: Alex, Melody, Angie and Karen.
In the front: Ashley, Sasha, Eden, Sara, Carol and Sheila.
Eden sees the poster for the first time.  She was so surprised by the poster.
Eden prepares to meet her fans!
This is a T-Shirt that we made for Eden with the Riegel Rebel's pictures on it.  We had people send us their pictures to put on the shirt.
This is a T-Shirt we designed.  We put four scenes of Lena and Bianca on the corners and then a heart with a banner that said "Lena Lahvs Bianca"
Eden autographed our shirt for us.
Melody and Eden pose for the camera.  Two beautiful girls!!
Karen and Eden pose for the camera.