Santa Cruz Beach Fun
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We needed to jump start our judging for the scholarship and what better way to do that than to head to the beach!  We actually found a warm, sunny beach just a little south of Santa Cruz.  It's called New Brighton State Beach.  It's easy to get to and we had a lovely time watching the waves and the girls in their bikinis! 
Err....I mean doing a lot of judging.
Then into Santa Cruz to meet Erik, an old high school friend of Melody's.
The sign announcing we had made it to the right beach.  Little things like signs really help Melody and I.  Sometimes we can't find our way out of a paper bag!  But we found this beach!
Karen relaxes on the beach.  We brought everything we needed to entertain ourselves..beach chairs, beach ball, beach blanket...where are all those scholarship submissions we were supposed to be judging?
A view looking down the beach.  It really was a nice, warm, sunny day.  We don't get those too often.  The ocean breeze can really be brisk and cool sometimes, or the fog can block all signs of the sun.
The tide coming in made for great waves.  We ran down to play in the water and get our feet wet.  The water is quite chilly, but you can't go to the beach and not get at least a little wet!
Besides, since the air was warm, the cool water actually felt good!
Karen in her beach chair holding a bouquet of flowers that Melody picked on her way back from the bathroom.  There were all kinds of pretty flowers and Melody tried to pick one of each kind to put into this bouquet for Karen..
We took the flowers and put them into an empty water bottle we had.  then we filled it with water to keep the flowers looking good the whole time we were at the beach!
We wanted to get in a little frisbee action.  Karen waits to catch the frisbee!
This guy was having good luck catching fish.  His friends on the beach, were busy getting the fire ready to eat whatever he caught!
As the our time at the beach came to an end, we gathered up all of our belongings and headed for the car.  One last look back at the beautiful beach and that gorgeous blue ocean!
From the beach, we drove back into Santa Cruz to meet an old high school friend of Melody's.  Erik and his girlfriend Ellen met us at a Mexican Restaurant.  Great meal to cap-off a great day at the beach!
All the sun and food must have gone to our heads.  Someone insisted that we take goofy couple shots. 
Melody and Karen in their goofy couple shot!
Ellen and Erik pose for their goofy couple shot.  Seems like Melody and Erik got more into the spirit than Ellen and I.  We just laughed!
We walked around the shops after dinner before ending our double date!