Santa Cruz
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We took a day to go down to Santa Cruz and spend some time at the beach.
It was a great day for the surfers!
Karen looks out at the waves.  She loves the ocean and likes to just watch the water roll in.
We found this nice spot on the beach.  It wasn't too busy...actually it was just us most of the time.  We had a picnic snack and then took a nice nap with the ocean as our background.
Our view of the ocean from our spot on the beach.  The clouds were rolling in, so not much sun!
One of the things we like to do is see the many lighthouses along the coast.  We like to get pictures of them when we can.
The coastline in Santa Cruz, where the sun was shining.  The ocean is so blue and pretty here.  You can see the waves coming in.
A little alcove forms.  Those bobbing things in the water, are ducks riding out the waves.
Ducks weren't the only things in the water.  Surfers wait on their boards for the perfect wave to carry them back to shore.
The waves were pretty strong, but they were beautiful to see.
It is so relaxing to watch the waves in the ocean.