Rescue Kitties 2007
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We have a soft heart for the neigborhood cats.  We keep a cat feeder to feed the various cats around.  This year we found a home for one of the stray cat, Archie, to Melody's sister.  The other we trapped and had them fixed so they wouldn't produce more babies.  One of the stray cat, we have adopted, but stays as an outside cat,.  Her name is Baby.
Here is Archie and Baby waiting for the food to drop.  They always came together.  We thought it was mother and baby.  But we later found out Archie was a boy and Baby is a girl.  So perhaps uncle and niece.  Baby is feral and Archie was very friendly cat. 
R.J. was named after Razzy as he looks a lot like our cat Razzy.  We got him trapped and neutered.
Benjamin is another cat we trapped and neutered.  Imagine all these cats that weren't neutered.  We would have had so many more cats in the neighborhood.
Archie wanted to come inside.  Here she is peering into our window as Chester sat relaxed in his bed.
Archie so wanted to come in.  He was not an outside kitty.  He would stand by our backyard screen door to talk to the other inside kitties.
Baby is a gentle soul.  She is feral but very sweet quiet girl.  Here she is on her chair.  We have taken her in so to speaks.  We feed her wet food at night and the morning.  She plays with our indoor cats through the screen and entertains all the outside cats that come to eat too.
Baby got trapped too.  She was actually pregnant at the time, but we aborted the pregnancy and got her fixed as well.
Here's Archie.  He was really an indoor cat in which someone probably was moving and it scared him so he ran and hid.  He was definitely an indoor cat as he was very friendly.
Melody's sister, Jennifer, adopted Archie on her birthday.  Her other cat, Stretch, moved away and she really needed a cat to love her.
Archie is so happy with her new mommy.  He feels right at home.
Archie loves to get her tummy rubbed.  Jennifer gives great belly rubs.
This is Jennifer's boyfriend, Jonathan.  He's really good with cats too and loves to play with them.