Pumpkin Farm 2005
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We were unable to go to our usual Half Moon Bay Pumpkin farm.  Instead this year, we went to our local pumpkin farm.  It was still a lot of fun.  They had a lot of cool yard art and lots of cool unique pumpkins to take home.
Karen found this unique pumpkin.  Isn't it weirdly shaped?
Melody posing with the dinosaurs in the pumpkin farm.
This is a view of the pumpkins we could choose from.
Doesn't this pumpkin look like someone's butt? 
We found these unique dried corn at the pumpkin farm. 
This was Melody's special item that she took back.
Here are all the pumpkins we took back home. 
Karen pretending he is one of the Chewbaca character.
THe pumpkin farm we went to "Barone's" sold Christmas trees too.
Melody posing with her favorite cartoon character, Garfield.
Karen and ET at the pumpkin farm.
Melody posing as Snow White with the 7 dwarfs.