Melody's NYC Trip
With Best Friends
Feb 2005
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Melody went with her close friends, Ai-Lin, Karin and Stephanie on a all girl's trip to NYC!  It was lots of fun!  Come see the adventure we had.
Here we are on the plane ride to NYC.  I'm in the back making the bunny ears.  Stephanie is listening to music, while Ai-Lin looks like she just woke up.
Our first night at dinner, we went to a nice noodle place.  Here I am with Karin.
Here we all all together at Central Park.  We were fortunate to see the "Gates" at Central Park.  The "Gates' is the orange flags you see in the background.  It was all over Central Park.
Here is Karin and Stephanie sitting in central park.  Just before Ai-Lin and I tried to pelt them with snowballs!
Here I am under one of the Gates in Central Park.   They were actualy really beautiful throughout the park.
Here are my friends all bundled up.  From left to right, Ai-Lin, Stephanie and Karin. 
Here I am all bundled up in Chinatown.  I look cute with my blue scarf, don't you think?
I loved the winter weather.  Karen and I had gone in the summer.  It was nice to also see NYC in the winter, with all the snow.
Ai-Lin and I got to go visit the Statue of Liberty together.  Here we are all bundled up.
Behind Ai-Lin is the Statue of Liberty
I'm a kid at heart so I had to have fun at
Toy's R US!   Karin was nice to ride the "My Little Pony" ferris wheel with me.
Here I am with Geoffrey at Toy's R Us.
Here is Stephanie and Karin at a nice pizza place we stopped at after the Park.  Cheers!
Stephanie introduced us to New York's finest strawberry cheesecake.  It was really delicious!
We went to the art museum.  I loved this room that I saw.  Something about it made me feel like I went back in the past.
We also went to the museum to see prehistoric dinosaurs.
Here is Stephanie and I having a drink before lunch started.
Here is the gang just before we headed back home.  We celebrated Ai-Lin's birthday.
From left to right, Stephanie, Karin, me, Ai-Lin.