How It All Started:
We had been feeding Nouna outside for about a couple of months.  We thought Nouna was a male so we didn't think much of anything.  She loved chasing the mouse outside so we initially called her "Mouse".

One day (March 2006) we noticed that she stopped coming to eat for a couple of days.  When Nouna came back, she seemed to have lost weight in the tummy area.  Karen then realized that Nouna was not a male, but a female, who just had a litter of kittens.

We put a bell on her neck so we could stalk her to find out where her babies were.  Luckily after about a week of searching neighbors backyards, we traced her back to a neighbor's yard, where there was a bunch of boxes full of detergent.  On top of it was a tarp.   She had put her 2 baby girls, Comet and Ajax in one of the only empty boxes among 40 boxes.  It was a smart place to put the kittens since it had been raining. 

We took them into our garage and built them a fun place in our garage.  Soon they outgrew the garage and moved into our guest room.  We had a lot of fun playing with them, and so did some of our other cats (especially Swirl who taught them how to play with ice cubes).   Comet and Ajax were always full of energy.  They loved to play with the back of stick.  Nouna loved to sleep with us.  She would chase away anyone who went on the bed.   They all caught a cold with the rest of our kids.  We had 12 cats under one roof!

We tried to find people who would adopt them together. Finally we were able to find a friend of Melody who was able to adopt all three!  We were ecstatic.  We wanted so much the family to stay together.  Now they are in a wonderful home, with 2 other cats.

Our Story
Our Kitten Adventure
with Nouna, Comet, Ajax
(formerly Mouse, Mickey, Minnie)
Come see these cute pictures of
Nouna and her babies,Comet and Ajax!
Nouna (gray cat), Comet (black Cat with spotted toes), Ajax (black cat with white paws)
Updated Dec 2006 photos in their new home!