New York (Day 2)
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Our second day in New York City we went to the Statue of Liberty.  The Statue of Liberty had just started opening tours inside the Lady Liberty.  Then we went to pay tributes at the sight of the Twin Towers. 
Here is Karen at the subway station.  We took the subway station everywhere.  We didn't take any taxis at all during our whole trip.  The New York City subway system is 24 hours.  It was easy to get everywhere on the sub-way.
Here is Melody at one of the subway system art piece.  This was a piece on Alice and the Wonderland.
We took a ferry to the Satue of Liberty.  Here we are at our seats.
Here is Karen standing in front of a sample of what the Lady of Liberty's face is like.  It's made of copper and is really thin.
Here is Melody standing next to the Statue of Liberty's sample feet.  What big toes the Lady of Liberty has!
Here we are around the perimeters of the Statue of Liberty.  To the back of us is New York City.  What a great view!
Here is Melody in front of the Statue of Liberty. 
Here is Karen in front of the Statue of Liberty.
It's amazing to see that the devasation of the Twin Towers and all that was left behind
Here we are at the Sept. 11 site.  This was one of the remaining buildings that was left standing.  Everything else was flattened.
Here is a view of Ellis Island.  This was where all the immigrants had to go before they were let in America.
Inside Ellis Island was a museum on the the immigrants journey to America.  It's interesting to see where America started from.