New York (Day 1)
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This was our first time in New York City.  We had a great four day trip.  This was actually our first airplane trip together.  We stayed at a great place called Amsterdam Court Hotel.  The first day, we went to the Today Show.  Unfortunately, Katie and the rest of the team was at the Olympics.  But we did get to see Anne of the Today Show.  We met up with our Artistic Scholarship Winner, Theresa Labreglio.  She showed us around the gay part of Greenwich.   We then went to the Broadway Show, Avenue Q.  It was hilariously funny!  
Here we are on our first flight together.  We had flown to visit each other when we were dating, but never together.  It was nice to have someone to snuggle with on the plane.
This was our hotel room in Amsterdam Court Hotel.  It was a small but cozy room.  Just right for us.  It was close to subway station and close to Times Square.
Here is Karen outside our hotel.  We almost missed it trying to find it because it wasn't well marked. 
Here is a view of the Chrysler building.
Here is Melody with Ann of the Today Show.  She was really great person.  There were only 15 of us standing outside watching the Today Show program.  All the rest of the Today Show team was away at the Summer Olympics.  She stayed and greeted us.
This was our sign that we made in hopes to make it on the Today Show!  Too bad we didn't get to go on air!
Karen is standing next to the guy who is an audience member every day on the Today Show.  Apparently, he is always there rain or shine as part of the audience outside.  He's met a lot of interesting stars on the Today Show.
They had a lot of beautiful churches around New York City.  This was one of them.  Look at the detail of the work on the building.
Here is what is inside the church.  Very grand as well.
We went to Jekyll and Hyde to have lunch with our KarMel Artistic Scholarship winner, Theresa Labreglio.  This was a fun place with lots of animated figures.  During lunch, different items would start singing etc.  You had to be there!
Here we are with Theresa.  She was very smart and intelligent girl.  We liked getting to meet her in person.  She showed us around town.
Melody bought this hat in New York City.  She looks really cute in it, doesn't she?
This was some of the advertisements of different broadway shows in Times Square.
This is outside of the broadway show,
"Avenue Q".  It's kind of like the muppets on Sesame Street.  It has both puppets and live people as part of the cast.  It's about a boy who is trying to find his purpose in life.  It was a great show!
We decided to dress up for the Broadway Show "Avenue Q".  Aren't we hot?