Our New San Jose Home
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In August 2003, we moved into our new home in San Jose.  The house belongs to Melody's parents, but they are letting us live here.  The house needed lots of TLC and we are working to make it into a real home!
This is a picture of the front of the house.  The garage is in the front of the house and the front door is actually hidden behind it.  This gives us a nice front porch that can't be seen from the street and gives us lots of privacy.  The living room window is behind the mailboxes.
Our backyard needed lots of work.  We added the bark and tended to the rose bushes to give us lots of beautiful blooms.
Pooter and Princess loved having their own yard again.
This is what our living room looked like when we first saw it.  All the doors had been removed from the rooms and they were waiting to be put back on.  Remember, the house needed lots of TLC!!!
Melody's dad was remodeling the kitchen and so this is what we saw the first time we entered the kitchen.  The cabinets on the bottom had all been built by Melody's dad.
Karen became "Tammy the Tool Girl" and quickly took to getting the house ready for move in.  We didn't have much time and had LOTS of work to do!
Out kitchen, after we were done fixing it up.  We painted the top cabinets, stained the bottom ones and then added all our stuff.  Now it looks like a lived in, loved kitchen!
BIG difference from above, huh?
We had a yard sale and with the money we made, we were able to buy this entertainment center.  Now our TV looks stylish and hip!!
This was our first new addition to our new house.  It's a lamp with yellow, red, white and blue shades on it.  The arms are posable and it looks great with our new entertainment center;.
A new mermaid painting adorns the wall above the TV in the living room.
We have several other works from this artist because we like the way she adds the frames and mats to her artwork.
Bet you can't guess why we liked this print!!
This is the first rose bud that bloomed after we moved in.  The bush had bright, dark pink roses.