New Kitties
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We found 3 stray 6- months old kitties in our neighborhood one day.  So we got them trapped and took them to get fixed/neutered.  They stayed in our home for awhile to recuperate, but in the middle of the night, the escaped out the window.  We are still feeding them and consider them to be our outside kitties.
Their names are: Razzy, Jazzy and Fuzzy.
This is Jazzy.  She is very beautiful with all her colors.  She is probably the runt of the litter as she is really small.  When we caught her in the trap, she was so scared she ripped out her 2 inner claws.  We got her fixed up good.  She likes to follow Razzy and fuzzy around.
Here is Razzy.  (He has a raccoon tail.) They say he may not be part of the group because he looks much older.  But he hangs around them all the time so we consider them a family.  He let us pet him when he was in the home, but now he is the most scared of us. 
Here is Fuzzy.  She is very even tempered.  She likes to stare at our babies from the outside patio door.  She is even sleeping in the room now.  Hopefully we will get her to join our family inside as she seems to want to be part of the family.
This was Jazzy and Fuzzy when they came home from the vets after being fixed.  Aren't they cute cuddling next to each other?